A Hair-bow Picture Frame


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Little Boo has collected quite a few hair-bows in the three years that she has been born.  Most of her hair clips were actually the same that I wore when I was her age.  All the others are those that we have bought or were given to us.  Needless to say we needed to find a way to organize them.  I also wanted to make sure it was something that she could easily use.

I found some really great ways to create a hair organizer by using ribbon but the one that caught my attention the most was using a picture frame.  We made a trip to Michaels and bought our supplies.

To make the Picture Frame Hair-bow Organizer, all you will need is:

  • A picture frame.  We used a 11′” by 14 ” white picture frame.
  • Two (2) rolls of ribbon in different colors.  We used 1″ ribbon.  Also make sure that it is not the silky or sheer ribbon.  The firmer ribbon works the best.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Picture Hanger Hook

Making the picture frame hairbow organizer was also pretty simple and only took about 20 minutes.  Here is how we made it:

  1. First take out the glass and backing to the picture frame holder.
  2. Pre-mark where you want to lay your ribbon so that there is an even amount of space between them.
  3. Cut your ribbon to match the length of the inside of your picture frame.  We cut out five (5) strips. 
  4. Using a hot glue gun, place a small amount of glue on the pre-marked picture frame and then firmly press one end of the ribbon in the glue.  Repeat on the other side, making sure that the ribbon is tight and straight.  Continue adding all your ribbon to the frame.
  5. Cut two (2) longer strips of ribbon and hot glue each piece to each top corner of the picture frame.
  6. We also created five (5) loops of ribbon for headbands and two (2) larger strips with velcro for her larger pony tail holders.

The final product was perfect and I made sure to hang it low enough for the Little Boo to be able to use it.  She had a great time helping me add all her hair-bows. 


Oh How I Love this Face!

As the Little Boo has grown and learned new things, she has also learned quite a few facial expressions.  It makes me wonder where in the world she learns how to make them and I would really like to know why she does them.

Nonetheless, I love the over-dramatic faces that she sometimes makes.  The way her eyes grow in excitement, how her lips pooch out and sometimes her left side of her lip curls up (we call it the Elvis). Today while we were coloring our boiled eggs she shared some of her newly found facial expressions.  All I can say is that they were priceless…

However, the face that always melts my heart is her beautiful smile, even her cheesy smile. Oh how I love her little face!

Swamp Water in a Jar

I recently was reading one of my favorite blogs called “I Can Teach My Child” and a really great project caught my eye.  The project, or experiment, was called “Fireworks in a Jar“.  I mean how cool does that sound?  The best part, I had everything at home to do it and I was super excited to do the experiment/project with the Little Boo.

The instructions were really easy to follow and the Little Boo watched with growing anticipation.

The experiment, I thought, was going as perfect as it was instructed.  As soon as the oil/food coloring hit the warm water it created streams of colors that resembled fireworks in the night sky.  Our excitement didn’t last long….

Within seconds the water and streams of color became what looked like yucky swamp water.  Looking back, I think I might have added too much blue and green food coloring.

Oh well, at least we tried!  Clearly the Little Boo wasn’t too upset, she had already found something else to do and left me with the swamp water cleanup!  Next up I can’t wait to try the Mentos Geysers!!!

Dear Mom…



You never realize how much you are like your own mother, how much you appreciate all that she did for you while you were growing up, and how much she really loved and worried about you….that is until you become a mother yourself. Well, it comes to say that being a mom has really opened my eyes and admire and love my mom even more!

My mom is really my role model and someone that I turn to now for comfort and guidance. Growing up in a third world country, my mom made all meals from scratch, made us clothes, and even doll babies. She was and still is an amazing cook and while I have not heard her play the piano in the last several years, I remember vividly her playing on our piano at my childhood home and at church. The music would soothe me and inspired me to play the piano.

No doubt I inherited some of her creativeness, but I could never hand stitch and sew the most beautiful things. My favorite item she made for me was a 3ft doll that I named Holly. She had the same color eyes and hair I had, and my mom even made her some clothes that matched mine. American Dolls can’t even compare to my Holly!

On this Mother’s Day my mother is living in another Country and while we are separated by an ocean, I can still feel her in my heart and she is always in my mind and thoughts. And even though my mom was overseas, she was the one person that encouraged me to seek help and comforted me while I was fighting postpartum depression. She is also the most the best BiBi “grandmother” to my daughter.

I love my mom so much and I hope that she knows how much she really means to me. I love you Mom, Happy Mothers Day!


Just call Her Ms. Organization!

If you are in need a professional organizer, I have a three year old that would LOVE to help!  Not only does she organize by type and size but she also organizes by shades of color.  Payment is not needed, in return for all her hard work, she only asks for a few new sheets of stickers (Target stickers are even great) and/or some Cheetos!  If you are interested, here is a few of her samples of her work.

Friday Night Art – Flower Pens



It’s been a while since we last shared an art project with you, and the Little Boo has been begging to do one.  I am still amazed that she is only three but will patiently sit and help or watch me while we do an art project!

Today was the last day of Teacher Appreciation week and we were asked to make a hand made card and bring in a flower for her teachers.  Instead of giving her teachers real flowers we decided to make them some Flower Pens that they could use on a daily basis.

So here is how we made our Flower Pens, you will only need a few items, all of which you can purchase at the Dollar Tree….

  • Gel Pens (any color)
  • Fake Flowers
  • Floral Tape
  • Glue Gun or Glue
  • Plant Pot or Jar
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters

Here is how we made our Flower Pens….

  1. First I asked the Little Boo to pick out four flowers and four pens.
  2. Take the cap off the pens, making sure to throw them away so they don’t end up in a little curious toddler’s mouth!
  3. Cut your fake flowers just long enough to fit down the stem of the pen. After all the flowers have been cut to the appropriate length, place them down the inside of the pen.
  4. To secure the flower to the pen I used the hot glue gun around the bottom of the flower and glued it to the top of the pen.
  5. Grab your floral tape and scissors and begin by first putting a little bit of glue at the top of the pen to secure the floral tape.  
  6. Then begin to wrap the floral tape around the pen.
  7. Once you have wrapped the pen and you have gotten to the tip of the pen, place a small amount of glue to secure the end piece of floral tape.
  8. To finish off our project, we put all the pens in flower pot and added a little note that said “Thank you for helping me grow”.

The pens turned out so great that the Little Boo insisted that we would make some for us to have. It didn’t take long before she had pulled her chair up to her art table and grabbed some paper and started letting her imagination and creativeness take over. Her completed project was a portrait of her daddy, which might have hinted that he needed to shave!

Chocolate Truffles or So You Think!


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Umm…Chocolate Truffles, well they at least look like them and they are a little better for you!

It is day two of Teacher Appreciation week at the Little Boo’s school and today was to bring in fruit.  Strawberries are in full abundance, especially with the early spring, so I thought it would be nice to get some fresh strawberries and make some faux chocolate truffles.

I planned my execution of making them.  First the Little Boo and I washed the strawberries and let them dry.  Having the strawberries dry is really important! Coating wet strawberries in melted chocolate causes the chocolate to not stick and it will come right off.

We melted our Nestle’ Premier White Morsels and started coating all the strawberries.

At first I tried placing them directly on a flat surface, but they kept falling over, so I whipped up one of my famous drying racks with some cups, a drying rack and paper plates with pre-punched slots.

The plan was simple and worked great. We put Popsicle sticks in the flat end of the strawberry, coated them in the melted Nestle’ Premier White Morsels and then stuck the Strawberry Popsicle sticks in the slots on the paper plate to let the chocolate harden and cool.

After all the strawberries dried we melted a bar of Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate and placed the melted goodness into a small Ziploc bag.

Take a pair of scissors and snip off a corner of the bag.    Use the Ziplock bag like a piping bag and drizzle on top of the covered strawberries.

After all the strawberries have been coated and the chocolate has hardened we put a little plate together of the faux Chocolate Truffles for the Little Boo’s teachers.  Her teachers are incredibly sweet and this was another little way to show them how much we appreciate all that they are doing.  THANK YOU to all the Teachers out there!!!

Candy Land Birthday = A Happy Toddler!


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When thinking of ideas for the Little Boo’s 3rd birthday party and trying to hold back the tears of watching my baby grow up so fast, I instantly looked to Pinterest for ideas.  Candy Bars are becoming pretty popular and I saw some really cute and creative ideas that inspired her Candy Land Birthday Party.

We started out with making Dum Dum Lollipop Flowers.  They were really easy to create, all you need is a disk of oasis, a large bag of Dum Dum’s, gum drops for the center (also using toothpicks to stick the gum drops into the center of the oasis), a small plant pot, some oasis to put at the bottom of the pot, paper shred and a pole to form the stem of the flower.

The best part of a Candy Land party is that you can really do anything you want.  You can go with a color theme or just pick any color.  This party was for 2-3 year olds so I had to make sure the candy was easy to eat.  Most of the candy was purchased at the Dollar Tree and at Party City.

Even though it was cavity filled party, I was sure to include toothbrushes.  Even if they didn’t use them, I at least felt better knowing that they had them!

It is funny to me that even though I plan events for a living, planning this party exhausted me more than any I do at work.  Overall, I had one happy three year old and that is all that matters!